France Masques, qui sommes-nous

"A single isolated neuron has no meaning or power but linked with others they create an intelligent network in an operational and efficient system”

Plateforme France-Masques, the first major national platform brings together an extensive network of national and international stakeholders and aims to help companies, groups, and individuals with their daily protection!

The pooling of the capacities of all our suppliers, with a total capacity of 6 million masks/day, allows us to fulfil small or large orders, from private individuals or institutions, and this in keeping with a lockdown strategy: helping individuals with their daily protection, supporting and consolidating a return strategy for institutions, companies and key industrial accounts.  

To be able to deliver large volumes with reasonable lead times, we have all the resources we need thanks to an operational national network, air freight solutions to guarantee our stocks and several storage areas with a collective surface area of over 11000m2.   

We are driven by respect of the “COST-QUALITY-LEAD TIME” balance and this is our philosophy and our purpose.  

Through our approach, we wanted to include the entire population and in fact offer a range of products to meet all types of needs, including masks for adults and children.  

Two types are available: Single-use mask and environmentally friendly 10-wash mask; each type is available in packaging designed and optimised for each use: packs of ten, thirty or fifty masks.

The data sheets for the products are available to provide additional information.

The project team.