- Masks approved by IFTH and DGA for 10 washes  

Legislation defines technical specifications for non-sanitary masks with such technical specifications requiring validation by independent laboratories. These specifications are:

- Air permeability Target > 96 L.m-2.s-1 under pressure of 100 Pa according to DGA protocol of 25 March 2020.
- Particle filtration of 3μm Target > 90% for category 1 according to DGA protocol of 25 March 2020.
- Mask can be worn for 4H.  

Reports from these tests guarantee our capacity to reach the target performances required for the sale of our products and to use the corresponding logos.

The table below shows our permeability test results compared to the competition. Our results, with values exceeding the performance target, are due to the additional requirements of our “France Masques Label” (see Label section) that we have established throughout the development and production process.

tableau des performances

- France-Masques label:

Label France Masques

In addition to the DGA-IFTH specifications during approval, and having ourselves experienced feelings of suffocation, visual discomfort due to the fogging of our glasses or even masks not suited to the morphology of children, we have defined additional criteria through “France-Masques Label” specifications with this main criteria being as follows:

  - Permeability three times greater than the DGA-IFTH criteria to counter feelings of suffocation or fogging of glasses which can occur with traditional or woven masks. This criterion is fulfilled by just 20% of non-sanitary masks available on the market. (Source: see DGA results in table below for French suppliers).
  - Consideration of the morphology and availability of masks of two types: adult and child.
 - Specification of min and max pH and a heavy metal content control for the material to make it hypoallergenic.
  - Water permeability, for use in all conditions.
- Resistance of the elastics to being pulled out to preserve the integrity of the masks.
 - Implementation of a quality approach throughout the product development and process cycle (V cycle, PPAP, etc).

Some of the requirements to supplement DGA standard targets are summarised in the table below.

Label France Masques, performances